Entry #1


2013-09-04 14:44:53 by Pedraw

New here hi every1 !!!


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2013-09-08 17:06:53

Im loving your work sir. Welcome and enjoy your stay! Do you have a CGHub or DA account aswell?

Pedraw responds:

Thanks dude i appreciate it , Nope i just have behance, but i am planning to open one DA soon =D


2013-09-09 10:26:31

Hello handsome cat, me be of the liking of your art works you knows <3

Pedraw responds:

kkkkkk hi there loving the red eyes lol


2013-09-24 08:51:35

Nearly finished my old drawing projects =)


2013-10-28 21:37:52

Hi I'm nobody just coming by to say that I love your artwork man seriously mega skills you have there with the art...and before I take my leave I'll be your 49th fan if thats Okay by you...